Saturday, June 13, 2009

bloody old hag

went for DRAG ME TO HELL last night with kyan, roy and jian..

hahaha honestly the movie didn't seem to scary in the first place. it looked like one of those lame horror movies, and it actually was at some parts. the ONE thing that made the movie scary and bloody gun-cheong was the super loud sound effects.

and we were sitting quite front so the pictures were HUGE plus the LOUD sound effects made it an uncomfortable movie for me, although it was interesting..well kinda... =)

this old lady made the movie scary cause she appears EVERYWHERE and ALL THE TIME at the most unexpected places..haha seriously damn guncheong..PLUS SHE'S ALWATS SCREAMING! blah

anyways i shall not spoil the movie any longer for all you who wish to watch this moive..ENJOY

and since the movie ended at 2 plus, i couldnt go back to my EMPTY apartment to sleep, so instead went to hang out with Jason and the gang while they were shisha-ing..haha
and AFTER shisha-ing they went for their weekly friday-night basketball didnt play cause i was sure i'd be squashed and slimed by the sweaty guys, instead just lay there on the cold hard bench..thinking..BLAH

should i tell him?
should i live as if there's no tomorrow?
should i just do it and get it over with?
what if what i hoped for does not come true?
what if he hears what i say and does not give a damn?
what if...

i'll just have to do it and find out


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