Wednesday, June 24, 2009

BBB is back =)


haha he is waaaaaayyyy thinner than what he used to be..konon-nya he goes to the gym there..LOL anyways it was so good to see him again after ONE WHOLE YEAR!

anyways after a long wait at the airport and all the hugs and kisses, we went back to SS15 to drop me off, but before that we went to AC for some foooood =)

had ikan bakar (stingray), char koay teow and hua jien (no idea how to spell) =)

sigh felt so damn sad when they were walking away from my apartment going home. wish i could go home with them too =( SIGH
anywyas JIEJIE IS COMING BACK ON SAT! FINALLYYY oh goodness i cant wait i cant wait i cant wait! HAHHAHA faster faster saturday come come come one thing i'm really really sad about is that she'll only be back for like 3 weeks? PLUS i cant go back to ipoh to spend time with my beloved siblings so i only have like 2 weekends to spend with jie

but nevertheless i'm still mega looking forward to seeing her =) hehe

tonight had a nice chat with S, Waiyin, Desmond and another friend, cant remember his name though..hahha
had a great time just hanging out at the restaurant which was damn empty. laughed so much

yummy choc fondue..DAMN NICE

cuckoo waiyin =)

and almost cried when we talked about Desmond leaving us to go to UCSI =(
but it's not the time to mourn yet =) the time will come

yawn i'm friggin sleepy right now
and my AC is STILL giving my a mojor headache

somebody save me


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