Friday, May 15, 2009

TGIF (picture post)

ah it feels really great that its friday =))) had a wonderful day today..hehe SARAH =)
and sarah congratulations on your new phone! haha enjoy enjoy

anyways i finally watched Wolverine: Origins and i think it's a good one. haha the ending was kinda lame but i like the hugh jackman was hothothot in this

oh and i finally got a nice rubber casing for my ipod! weee however the back is kinda scratched

anyways this week was kinda fun but im wayyyy to lazy to blog about it..posted pics of FB though..the most fun part of college was that for physics, we had a KICKAPOO rocket launched..HAHA that was the cherry on top of a great week =)

oh and i went for a nice expensive dinner with kbing the other SECRET RECIPE BABY! haha havent had a nice meal like that in

my tall friend =)))

chocolate banana =)


KBING also introduced me to this..LOL

last night went to McD to study abit and bumped into the

i also had my BELOVED McD Chocolate Sundae! wooohooo and i managed to ask the guy for extra chocolate sauc..wooooo damn niceeee

went to the arab restaurant which i just discovered is called SINBAD last night to study..haha turns out that place is much more condusive for studying than in
had the most amazing grilled chicken too.

.yumyum kinda pricey but definitely worth it as the portion is HUGE! kbing and i had to share can you imagine? HAHA

had some good nigths out with friends and also managed to study quite a bit this week =)

lol shall be going over to EVELYN my longlostlover's house tmr to sleepover..woohoo
cant wait to see her again after like what? 8352398t4827 years? ahhaah

yawn i shall just post some pics of my week =)

my super cute physics teacher, Mr. Yong

hahah waiyin the "man"

aint this pic just way cool? haha rocket!

we were all looking for the bottle which ended up stuck on the

sigh and i miss my sister and brother
faster come back then we can eat mamak together =))

haha i just realized im uploading alot of

anyways watching The Holiday now..go JUDE LAW!
hahah have a good weekend everybody =)


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