Friday, May 22, 2009

start of the holidays-kinda

ahhhhhhh semester one had finally ended!
wooohooot lol sadly our holidays are not starting yet cause we have our bloody LAN subjects next week, EVERYDAY..blah
well at least no other 5 subjects for the next week =)

anyways today we had our second mentor-mentee lunch today and it was awesome again =)

miss isabel treated us to Canadian Pizza..haha took way alot of pics, mostly to be put into the SAM Magazine =) haha so here are some of the best pics =) others are on FB =)




haha and guess what, LIM SHAO WEN'S IN KL!
shall be going out for dinner and pool with him and jason..haha glad there's so many of us

yawn i'm so lazy

tonight's gonna be really awesome cause tomorrow's SATURDAY! hahaha finally i'll be able to get some rest =)

anyways i'm watching HEROES season 1 all over again..woo


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