Saturday, May 2, 2009


see my name there? weehee my first official online item =)
and i'm getting it next Wednesday =) woooho

owh i simply miss onlining in my room without anyone to share the connection with =)))

ah just got back from a nice shopping spree with non other than my mommy dearest..was just supposed to look for black quarters but ended up getting quarter jeans and a shirt which i super HEART =)
haha thanks to ESPRIT who always has small sizes =))) and discounts =PPP

dont you just L.O.V.E. this shirt? haha i do =)

anyways had a good time with the morning prayer peeps today..haha
shall be going back by taxi tomorrow at 3pm..that's the plan

tonight parents have some wedding dinner so it's gonna be me and my Spicy Chicken McDeluxe at home watching some movie =))


0 chicken wings:

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