Thursday, May 7, 2009

orientation party =))))))

ahhhh taking bath on a hot hot hot day is GOOOOOOD


anyways today was the SAM March Intake Orientation Party and although not all the other students went, it was a for me la..
maybe because i found someone HOT HOT HOT!
hahahahaha anyways the Jan Intake Student Council organized a couple of stuff for us to do =)
we had a simple treasure hunt and after we played charades...and because they weren't that many people, we got to bond much better..haha some of them are REALLY nice and fun but some are

anyways TOMORROW'S FRIDAY! woohooo and i get to spend my weekend here here here! hahah it's also gonna be my first weekend here with KBING.lololol weeheee

i'm just so glad i finally found someone who can replace YOU-KNOW-WHO =P

hahaha now i'm just gonna let nature take it's course =)))

shall be going to the library soon to finish up my ESL project..sigh so much to do, so little time..LOL


oh and btw i will be officialy making my blog private on sat so please if you wanna read, send me yor email k? wooo

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