Tuesday, May 12, 2009

my new fav place

haha i've officially decided that my most favorite place to be is the Taylor's Main Campus Library =))) hahaahehehehhohoohhooooo

went for pool with the guys and min just now..haha had fun..yawn after pool went to lorong for a drink, and after, benji and his friend james and i went to McD to study a lil..lol haha fun night out with fun people wooo

anyways for more daily stuff, took some random pictures at college today..haha taking the pictures of my classmates makes me really glad i have them as my classmates =) they're all so jolly and funny plus mega sporting =) lol love you guys E2

anyways to here are some of the pics, not all of them are up though..lol lazy

carried out a fun experiment during chem lab period today..lol its really more fun to do chem experiments than when compared to in school cause you get to wear lab coats and look super pro plus there'a aircon and bright lights..not to mention no mozzies around to suck the blood outta you.LOL


my two darlings

haha had a good time at class today..lol but im seriously a panda now..lack of sleep man..yawnnnnn
okays that was so random

anyways im off to do some maths now..woooheee


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