Friday, May 22, 2009


it got up at 2pm today

haha and this is because i only got back way early in the morning last night..haha
the night started with dinner with LIM SHAO WEN and JASON SOON..ben and manvin came after that too..after having my beloved maggi goreng we went to AC to play pool..haha played for about 2 hours i think and we met up with KBING after that..haha
after pool, which was around 10pm like that, i went over to kaibing's house for her to change and we went to SINBAD, met up with kyan and he had his glorious grilled chicken while i read WHERE RAINBOWS END which kbing lent to me =)

after a while jason, manvin, mao and benji came and they shisha-ed..AGAIN..haha
no worries i only took 2 those guys are seriusly gonna die super young with all the shisha they

anyways after shishaing and talking there it was about 1-2 plus, and we went to Club 9 for watched the guys play MORE pool..haha then kaibing and i got distracted by a slot machine and we found the best slotgame EVER! haha which is PHOTO HUNT!
haha we payed once and we got so addicted after that, we played like 7/8 times? HAHAHA
it was really fun playing with her cause it was like the old times when the game was in CAPCOM in

the basketball court opposite jason's house to play some..haha
play play played till 5am..HAHA

never knew playing basketball could be so fun..well i guess it was because i was so noob in playing..HAHA

anyways these are just some of the pics in my phone which i took out..woot

yummr dummy chocolate sundae with EXTRA chocolate sauce..woot

just hanging out in MIN's room which is so much more cozy than

a mommy cat and her kittens..random pic but damn cute =))

the teachers' day card our class made which won us FIRST PLACE! =PPP

me and me beloved sarah in class..syok

some nice nice library pics =)) :


anyways time to eat more..friggin hungry


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