Sunday, May 10, 2009



and to MY beloved mother/ wonderwoman/ tv addict, I LOVE YOU

ahhh now to last night's story..HAHA
last night was whacked man..okay here's the full story..LOL

went to McD to stud with Roy, and did so until about 10.30 i think when jason called and ended up meeting min, jason, d, ah mao, ah shum and lucas. went to AC for a drink..wait actually only jason and mao ate, the rest of us just watched..HAHA after they makan-ed i went back to take my stuff and we all went to AC's first floor for some pool..

haha managed to finish up me maths hw too..WOOOO BANGGA

anyways after pool d left and kyan joined us for makan at lorong..was at lorong till about 12 maybe? then went over to jason's house to watch COMING SOON..haha min thanks to you i find it difficult to sleep now

the basketball court outside jason's house

the group was reduced to only the four of us: jason, min, ah mao and i =)
finished the movie at around 4 plus i think and decided to just sleep there..
haha found it hard to sleep and min and jason, you know why but i shall not type it here as to not embarras anyone..LOL
anyways ended up waking up at 8 cause had to go get ready for CHURCH!

wow waking up had never been so walked back with min, took my bloody good shower and went to church with KAIBING and SARAH! haha was practically a walking zombie at church. thank goodness for the chicken rice which brought me back to life =)

came home after and slept from 1 till 7.30pm..whoo super recarged now..haha
sadly there's classes tomorrow so cant be doing much tonight..hahaha

yawn time to scout for some food around the house


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