Saturday, May 9, 2009


as you can see, i'm currently in a video call with non other than my HUMPHREY CHUAH MAY JET! woohooo
finally i can see her live in her Australian atmosphere..haha

so glad to have been able to see you MJ =)) missing you like shit

anyways JPA results came out yesterday and i didnt get it..
although i am a tad bit disappointed, i'm glad cause this means i get to stay in taylors!


anyways went out for dinner with JASOOON SOON last night..then went to starbucks to do homework with AH ROY..haha love studying there cause of the super nice atmosphere...wooohooo

anyways shall be meeting up with brother mao, jason and ah shum tonight i guess..need to enojy my sat night properly..lololol

anyways this is for those people who want to know the website i go to to download amazing movies
however it's all in chinese la so i just had to learn from kbing and look at the pictures =)))

anyways off to coninue Forrest Gump =)


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