Sunday, May 17, 2009

great weekend

had an awesome weekend with my beloved EVELYN NGUI
shall not comment on the journey there and back but it was an awesome weekend no doubt =)

her dad's yummy pumpkin fried rice..haha although we didnt touch the

saturday night was spent on just hanging out in her house and with her family which consists of her mom, older sis, younger bro and dad who is a pastor so they literally live in a church compound which i find really really cool..haha

yeap that's evelyn playing the piano for her

my new wedges which i'm totally in love with =)))

anyways had McD on the house from evelyn's mom which was delivered a whole hour late cause the bloody blur delivery boy didnt know where the church

anyways apent the night haveing a real good laugh with eve and her sis..haha

yeap thats where we slpet which was super cooling and comfy =)

this morning was spent at church which was nice, and we went to MID VALLEY after church =)
woooo had a superbly awesome time at MV..haha walked and walked like crap till our feet seriously went sore..haha

we also went to catch the movie ANGELS AND DEMONS was real good compared to THE DAVINCI CODE..this movie was more of the Catholic Church and Rome and mention of Chistianity and all which was great =) and i just realised how OLD tom hanks has become since FORREST GUMP which i watched not long


anyways when we were bored we went over to THE GARDENS and headed to LEVI'S where evelyn works and we took 2374236129 pictures plus The Garden's is real empty so we kinda had all the mirrors to ourselves..haha camwhored like was so glad i had a friend who was into camwhoring as much as i was..haha

lunch at LITTLE TAIWAN =)

uploaded the 0ther 32799342934 on FB =)

went home and had dinner with kaibing and kyan..yumyum
felt so sweaty and dirty after the ktm ride back to subang to the bath i had when i got back was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. =) HAHA

yawn class resumes tomorrow..boohoooo

and i miss 50 jalan chow kai =(



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