Monday, May 25, 2009

counter strike

haha after playing CS for the first time today with kbing, kyan and shao, i can honestly say it's more fun plus cheaper than pool =)

ahahahaha really reminds me of unreal tournament which i used to play so much at home..HAHA good times good times..haha

yawn went for my first LAN class today..mega boring...the lecturer is kind of fun but the subject is wayyyyy to's like sejarah all over again..bah

anyways i'm just gonna have to live through all this for the week

and on saturday MOMMY and PAPA are coming down to KL!
shall be staying at ONE WORLD HOTEL for one night to do some shopping before going back to IPOH =) haha i miss home so much man.sigh
not going home for 3 weeks now has made me miss home SOOOO MUCH
so glad im getting one whole week break next week! YUM

anyways off to do bio project now..BLAH


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