Wednesday, May 20, 2009

bak kut teh night =P

ah tonight sarah, waiyin, natalie, desmond and i went to this place called yu kee bah kut teh and MY MY MY THE BAH KUT TEH WAS A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. to say the least..haha i mean seriously, the soup was so tasty compared to the one i had in ipoh way long ago =)

here are the seriousl mouth-watering pics =) haha

haha the after photo =)
sorry yukana for the food pics =) cant help myself =P

..haha and it wasnt that expensive either..haha shall definitely go back there well thats when i get money from next month's allowance =)

also had my fav fried rice from AC before

sigh min asked me to go BARCELONA tomorrow night..
sigh waiyin invited s and i to go GENTING on sat..

both also cannot go..gotta say NO! boohoooo
oh wells gonna be doing something fun starting tmr night which is...I'M CRASHING SARAH'S PLACE! haha since her 2 roomates will be going back to their hometowns tmr, we'll be having the whle room to ourselves! gonna me mega fun wootwoot

anyways next week the jan intakes for SAM are getting their 2 week semester holiday..and we only get one week cause next week we gotta go for our bloody LAN classes..blah
oh wells i am superly looking forward to MOMMY and PAPA coming down next weekend to take me shopping! woohooo

oh and this is a special special announcement to my dearest teacher from MGS
CIK TENGKU, my fav BM teacher ever, IS GETTING MARRIED!
hahhaa we're all so happy for her! haha min and i gave her a call from SUBANG after mommy told me she's getting married..hahaha really happy for her =))

sarah and i did something pretty kiddy but still super cute..haha
we had stick-on tattoos! haha

we put them on 2 days ago and they're still sticking on so our money wasn't really wasted =)

just a random pic of my fav way to study and do homework

added abmore bling to my cam for fun..

sarah also bought these reallt cutie cute squishy stickers for our phones..haha
she reckons they beat my bedazzles..haha

haha i also bumped into this pic in my external hard disk drive..memories of 5S2 man

sigh i miss school and the people so much now =(

anyways time to finish english assignment..yawn


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