Sunday, April 5, 2009


ah managed to go out for a bit with auddie and her lucas..haha damn jealous of the both of them la.sweet talk here sweet talk there..hold hands here hold hands
hahah went to SUBWAY for auddie cause she wanted her then we just sat there like dungus..haha and now i'm back =)

anyways got back and ended up webcamming with annie

haha the hyper girl who dresses very matured-ly..haha enjoy ipoh annie! and prepare my noodles!!

oh and btw i also webcammed with my beloved most beautiful and adored sister the other day

man it was so good to see her LIVE you know? it always is =)
jie your hair so long already..haha and your room looked so nice..haha
i wish i could go there and see you face to face..miss you so much man..SIGH

Not a day pass me by,
Not a day pass me by,
When I don't think about you,
And there's no moving on,
'Cus I know you're the one,
And I can't be without you

Can we bring yesterday back around,
'Cus I know how I feel about you now,
I was dumb, I was wrong, I let you down,
But I know how I feel about you now


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