Thursday, April 2, 2009

update 2 INTIMA

ahhh i finally have the time to blog
i just got back from KL yesterday for the JPA interview later this faternoon..YAWN
okay where shall i start...

this whole week was a really interesting week..haha


after class i met up with hero and he brought me to AC to play pool..haha not bad hero, not
walked a bit and tried the mango pearl drink too..haha it was good to see him again after sucha long time and to catch up =)

OWH AND I ALSO GO TO MEET UP WITH AUDREY! haha finally i know =)
haha we just went walking a bit and to catch up with each other..haha auddie you look so good!

jealous of what you and LULU and having too ;p

after that, i went over to kb's house to just hang out there till supper..HAHA
was free so ended up going to C9 to play pool..again..haha..with none other than my old buddy BENJAMIN CHONG!
haha was really good seeing him after 214762591 years =P
and this time when i played, i actually beat him! hahaha *sorry benji i have to celebrate*
haha so now pool is like in my blood and suuper but i'll have to cut down abit cause it's a waste of $$..however the men have been paying for me so THANK YOU GUYS! hahaa

anyways after pool kb, ky and i went to intima to study..haha didn't realize how happening inti was compared to taylors. haha kb ended up playing Pipe Game, ky ended up doing everything not related to studying and i had a huge amount of coke courtesy of intima..HAHA
ended up going back only around 2.30plus am =)

so wednesday was the highlight of my already amazing week. i'm really enjoying college right now. although my classes are from 9am-4pm, the teachers are REALLY nice and fun plus my classmates are AWESOME..haha here are some recent pics i took of my KL life ;p

thats' sarah

and kiran =p

E2 classmates

thats my chem teacher and also my class mentor! which is kind of like our class teacher but they call it class YENG is that =p plus she's the best teacher ever with her everyday smile and jolly good mood. WE LOVE HER. aand she has great sense of style too..haha

all of us also went to SUBWAY for lunch one day and the food was amazing! i had some seafood one and WOW it was good......haha

and there's esee in the backgroud! she's from sarawak i think ;p

that's andrea =)

owh and yesterday was the YES YES YES-something-to-do-with-HIV party at the taylors campus so guess who came to town!



adam c (right) with some other hitz fm dude ;)


both of them were like 5 feet away from me. felt like just pushing past everyone and hugging UTT..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...LOL

sadly it rained kinda heavily so people didn't really get to enjoy the whole party.haha

Back in Ipoh already. =)
It was such a dramatic story of our journey back to Ipoh. (me and debbie)

Firstly, I am suppose to meet Debb at 'my place' which is her apartment at 4.45pm. and deng! It was raining and there's thunderstorm. So horrible. Turns out, I tried to call a cab to get me and Debb to the Komuter Station. You know what the Cab Service told me, "there's no taxi's around. Sorry". That's all??! How the heck am I suppose to get my ass to the komuter station eh, plus its raining. Then. I ask Debb to call and there's the same reply. At the same time, I was staring out of the window and a red taxi pass by. Wth. I quickly run out. Turn out, that driver was waiting for sumone. Essssh larh. Then, I felt something in me wanting to go check the taxi again. So I went out again to check out. The giler taxi driver told me "bodoh". I was like wthell is wrong with him. what did I do??!!~ and he said you wanna go Komuter Station is it, then faster get in la. ESSSSSSSH. I got scolded for nothing. AISSSH. if its not necessary to take a cab , I would have replied him " bodoh your head larh, haiyorrr!" . anyhow, I'm like so desperate to get a cab, so I just ignored his rude words. LOL who cares la, as long as I reach Komuter station safely, that's enough. =)) Then, we went to pick Debbie up and head to the station.

Next up, we waited for like 10 minutes or more for the komuter to reach. OMGGG. It was already 5.20! and we're suppose to board the train at 5.50!! fine, calm down. The journey to Kl Sentral was about 25 minutes. So we kinda reach central at about 5.45pm which is 5 minutes before the train goes off. GOSH. I WAS BASICALLY FREAKKING OUT. That's because both of us dunno where to board the train. We dun even noe where the heck is the platform and which platform. fyi, it wasn't stated in the ticket and it was our first time. So scary! =| We ran up a few flight of stairs with the damn heavy luggage bag. Just because I have this accounting assignment due next friday, so i brought the friggin thick text book back. The both of us even ran up to the food court, asking passerby where's the platform that kinda stuff. until we reach this place where its kinda dark. We weren't sure, where it leads to, still we ran down using the escalator.

and right in front of our eyes was the train! The train was moving kinda slow and it just stopped as we reach there. Then, we approach this malay guy, showing him our tickets askking where does this train go. He was like" yea, bak to IPOH" OMMMG! The door was slighty open, that guy even push open for us. We got in but still, it seems so unreal, that we were able to board the train just on TIME! As in one minute late, train = gone. what if we board the wrong train , then die la.

Inside the train, both of us was still unsure. and i think at that point of time, the train was already moving slowly. -.-" So, we kinda asked this guy, " this train goes back to IPOH??" He think for awhile, and said "YEA". Ohhhhhh. Praise The LORD. Its the right train. Seriously, I can't imagine, that we could board the train on time! My heart almost stop marn.

Now, comes the seating part. We went to this section and search for out seats, 6A and 6B. And sitting at that section were two guys looking really scary. You dun wanna disturb them unless necessary. So yea, we went to sit at 5A and 5B. The train stop at another platform and one couple came towards us, saying that were sitting at their places. Oooops! So we turned back and show the scary guys our tickets, hinting them, "you're on our seats". Essssh. See see, we were at the wrong section. That was economy class and ours is superior. Wtf. So embarassing. Imagine, boarding the train at the very last minute, people seating by the window can already recognise our faces Now, we're taking other people's seat and trying to take our seats from stranger and turns out, our seats are in the another section. DENG!. Thank God, no one recognise us. HAHAHAHA. Yeahh. We went and find our seats, and there's this Indian lady with a child on our seats. After shooing her away, at last both of us actually got to calm ourselves down and reflect on what had actually taken place.

WoW. Don't you feel everything is like planned eventhough there are obstacles in almost everypart of our journey, yet we got through it. As in, we were meant to board the train and stuff. We're just so lucky. THANK GOD. =))) This is seriously once in a life time expereince. It almost killed my heart. I dun wanna experience it again. -_____-"" No way, marn.
-dawn, your account of what happened is perfect..LOL-



yawn i'm preparing for my jpa interview now..reading the newspaper and other important stuff to know. sigh i'm actually pretty lazy to do the that i'm enjoying KL so much, and also you-know-who is in kl, i really don't wanna leave. but oh well, i leave it all into GOD's hands =)

here's my options for later's attire:

and i have chosen yellow! hahaa

anyways time to prepare somemore
shall update on the interview later

wish me luck! although my mommy always told me it's NOT about luck ;)
so wish me all the best? haha


p/s: i miss you

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