Sunday, April 19, 2009

superb weekend

ah i had a great weekend in me home town ipoh!!
hahaha didnt do much on Friday but i went to Lumut with mommy on Saturday for the KIDS Teachers' Retreat..weeheee
it was held at the LEAD HOTEL which belongs to Crystal's grandmother i think..yeah..haha

had a really great time with my beloved Kirsten and other people there..haha
went there to spend the night so i got to bunk in with Kirsten and Sandra =) woohoo
here are some pics of my weekend there =)


aunty paige's mother's awesome LAKSA

one funny funny HILARIOUS thing that happened was that LIM SHAO WEN got into a minor accident and costed him 6 stiches on his
before you go OOOOO and AAAAAA, here's what happened...
apparently, at the pool during gams, he was supposed to jump in but according to him, he slipped and fell and according to witnesses, he dived in..haha who's story to believe?
lol anyways his head hit the bottom of the pool and according to the witnesses, when he got out of the pool his head was all bloodish red..HAHA

they brought him to the clinic and he got 6 stiches..during all that commotion, my beloved K and i were being puteri-lilins in the SAUNA which was right opposite our room..haha
and WAHHHH the sauna is DAMN nice wei..

the sauna and that's K's hand..wanted a clearer picture but my hp was fogging up because of the heat..LOL

so relaxing in there just the two of us..and after that we felt so CLEANSED..haha

we teman-ed shao the rest of the night in his room since he was like mentally and physically disabled abit..LOL

kind kind K even chopped up his spaggethi so that he'll be able to swallow easier cause he chipped afew of his teeth too =) well at least during that period of time, he was still as lame and funny as ever..HAHA

anyways left lumut this morning cause i had to get back to wonderful SUBANG..fetched haoyi and jaclyn back to KL too so the ride there was not as boring as usual..haha

anyways after dropping them and my stuff back at My Place, mommy and papa brought me shopping at MID VALLEY!! weee
ended up buying a really nice and cheap black cardigan from Somerset Bay, and a pair of super cute black pumps from Lewre..haha THANK YOU MOMMY AND PAPA =)

oh and i managed to meet up and walk around with mr SOH HSIEN SHOONG at MV too..haha we had to walk behind my parents for abit and it was soooo awkward...but after a while mommy let me go walk around MV with him..HAHA funny
he's sucha bully man..actually ALL GUYS ARE BULLIES..*shakes head at male population*

we actually walked into a clothes shop just to see the graffiti on the walls and ceilling..HAHA

after metting back up with mommy, she bought me some ice-cream (BR baby!)

and we went for dinner at NANDO'S..wah today was seriously the best makan day ever..HAHA and to not have to pay fo the food in my stomach is amazing..LOL

so after makan-ing mommy and papa brought me back home..
right now i'm at STARBUCKS with my lovely SARAH..however her laptop doesnt seem to be able to go online..HAHA TO YOU! LOL

yawn i've got chem test tmr so i gotta go study study study now =(


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