Thursday, April 23, 2009


just got back from McD with classmates..haha had a superenjoyable time just hanging out with them and trying to study at the same time..LOL

after class we also went pool together, then dinner at this AMAZING noodle shop called FACE TO FACE ...haha the Pan Mee there seriously damn nice..haha

that's WAIYIN on the left and DESMOND on the right =)

and thats DESMOND trying to withdraw money for the 4th time after forgetting his password..LOL
..haha spending time with my classmates is really nice..especially when they're all so funny and

oh and my pool skills have improved! i think..LOL

lastly i'd like to blog about the movie i watched a couple of days ago and it is non other than AUGUST RUSH!!

wah that show is seriously one damn good movie..nothing much to say about it except IT'S A MUST-WATCH!
hahaha plus Freddie Highmore is so freakin adorable in the movie!!


anyways i'm so glad tomorrow, or more like today, is FRIDAY!
the weekend is here again! woooothoooot
classmates and i shall be going for BAK KUT TEH tmr before going to STARBUCKS for more studying..hopefully..LOL

and tmr's gonna be death day during English period..shall blog about it in the next post


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