Wednesday, April 8, 2009

subang parade AGAIN

man i'm whacked out tired..haha i shall just be listing out in points the fun stuff i did today..haha blogging had never been so

1. (this happened last night) Got invited over to hammy's to watch The Sixth Sense..haha
2. (happened today onwards) Went to KL Central with Sarah to change her tickets.
3. Did more shopping at Subang Parade - a dress, a cardigan and black leggings
4. Tapau-ed DOMINO's for HAOYI

5. Had dinner/supper at sarah's
6. Went down to the swimming pool little hut to hang out and talk talk talk

yeap that was practically what happened..yawn

just something i tried on for fun

Mr. Tharam, the best maths teacher ever =)

anyways i'm going to pyramid tomorrow with classmates to go walk walk abit and also to see what the Topshop Student Lock-In is all about..hahaa

oh and i received news that the LINs are cmoing up to KL!
hopefully i'll be able to see them soon..really miss them laaaaaaaaa

faster faster come dorlina, pawlina pengboline!

anyways i'm off to finish up some maths homework


2 chicken wings:

Anonymous said...

please control your shopping before the account runs dry.

Debbie on April 11, 2009 at 1:26 PM said...

haha yes DADDY =)

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