Friday, April 24, 2009

poker at starbucks

although my head was as heavy as a bowling ball and my throat was being the suckiest thing that ever happened to me, last night was a GREAT night

it started with going out for dinner with classmates aka WAIYIN, DESMOND, SARAH, MATHIAS and DEEPAN. haha went to this "Taiwan" restaurant which turned out to be the second suckiest thing that happened to me last night =)
anyway skipping the boring parts, we headed to STARBUCKS after dinner for some coffee which Mathias owed us..hahah

Mathias and Waiyin were such gentlemens last night when M paid for the Iced Caramel Macchiato whereas Waiyin paid for the Noir and Sheperd's Pie which was seriously damn good..haha

anyways we got a little corner and started playing cards which Desmond and Waiyin went to buy..haha i think we made a little too much noise but who cares? haha

we played Chor Dai Dee and Poker from around 9+ till 1+ =))))

haha the atmosphere at STARBUCKS is really nice with the cushioned sofas and the cold AC plus the smell of coffe everywhere..ahhhhhhhhhh

hahaha it was fun especially when the people you play with are mega fun too..haha

anyways i just got up and ym head is still very heavy but maybe gone down afewKGs di..haha

hungry =(


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