Saturday, April 25, 2009

not-so-bad Saturday

this is gonna be one of the few posts i have without any pictures
this is due to the fact that yesterday was one of the worst Saturdays ever, all thanks to:-

-my weekend without KBING
-someone being 'like that'
-my whacky throat and slight fever in the morning
-my empty purse

sighhhh woke up at 12 and stayed at home till like 8??
haha was too friggin tired and lazy to get out of the house..did get inited to go McD with the others to study but oh wells..LAZY..well i did walk over to Sarah's to get panadol from her..oh and may i say that PANADOL is a true healer..haha 30 minutes after taking it my fever was nowhere to be seen..haha

anyways i finally stepped out of my apartment at around 8 for dinner with Sarah..the guys went to Euphoria last night..the 2 of us ladies did get invited to go too but we were such angels when we declined..HAHA..woohooo went to McD for dinner cause i was superly craving for Spicy Chicken McDeluxe..woohoooooooo
getting all high already
anyways after dinner and our long talk about the male species, we headed to AC for some out-of-the-blue waffle and honeydew which was friggin tasteless..blah
after the waffle, Sarah and I just decided to explore SS15 area..walked as far as DARULSALLAM and back to My Place..came across some interesting boutiques and saluns..haha
went back to my apartment after that for i-also-dont-know-whatbut ended up intoducing her to FB Poker.haha
another out-of-the-blue thing that happened was that we decided to go swimming just like we headed down to the pool and just soaked ourselves in the pool, not getting out hair wet..mind you, we were not properly attired for swimming at 11.45pm..haha shirt and shorts thats
we then just lay down beside the pool with out feet in the water and just looked up into the night sky where there were like maybe 5-6 stars? haha
at around 12.30+ i think we got chased off by the sec.guard..we went to change our shirts and went to AC for a can you imagine to little cili-padis walking into AC with saked shorts? haha luckilly out shorts were dark coloured so it wasnt that
after a glass of warm water and an obnoxiously rude AC waiter, we just sat around in AC waiting for our shorts to dry up was about 1+ and there were tons of people at AC watching the game between ManU and Tottenham i think..haha we watched till ManU lost 2 goals to's really quite interesting to just watch, not the game, but the viewer's reactions to goals made..haha
all the cursing plus clapping around..LOL
anyways after that we went back to our apartments and said our goodbyes =)
went home, bathed and decided to cook maggi cause i was FRIGGIN HUNGRY! prepared everything even the water on the stove when i suddenly saw something black and fat with hairy legs..A FRIGGIN COCKROACH!
i felt like screaming on the spot cause it was just inches away from my hand when i saw took me a long time to actually reach out my hand to turn on the stove, only to find out that there was NO MORE GAS..ujhjef%(&bj^%dhew
ended up going over to Sarah's just to cook maggi with her microwave..HAHA

just a little thank-you note to squeeze in here:

anyways back to last night's story.had a very nice maggi-moment with sarah =) it was 2.30+ that time if i'm not mistaken..we could even hear the cheers from the game at AC from 3 floors high at My Place..haha
after maggi i walked back to my apartment under alot of light, no worries, and played FB poker with played till about 4 when sarah went to bed..
so i played a little more and also visited some online boutiques..found some really nice clothes which i inquired about and should be getting a reply today..weeheee
hit the sheets at exactly 5am..woohoo and seriously speaking, i wasn't sleepy at all..haha must've been all the food and panadol..LOL

anyways after getting up this morning, i discovered that my fever is gone but i'm coughing like CRAZY..haha well at least the worst part is over =)))

another weekend almost gone..yawn..back to classes tomorrow morning at 8am..=(
however, the coming week is gonna be a short one due to the fact that on Tuesday, we have the High SPM Achiever's Award Ceremony from 9-12pm which i am kinda excited about, on Thursday we end classes at 2.30+ and on Friday, well it's Labour Day so no classes! woot
might be going back home..yayayay but still gotta find transport..haha
oh and THANK YOU JACLYN for calling yerterday and offering to buy the ticket =)) TQ

yawn i shall be going to McD or somewhere with aircon to study for physics test tomorrow..YAWN


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