Wednesday, April 29, 2009


ah just got back from MURNI at SS2 withkbing,kyan and another friend chilim who drove us to MURNI's.
wahhh the food there superrrrrr nice weh....
kbing had meatballs which were superb..i agree with them when they said it's better than IKEA's Swedish meatballs..haha
i had their Chicken Chop Special..wah super satisfying but so much!couldn't
had a funny experience on the way home too..LOL glad i'm home =)

well there's still a little bit of cough here and there but other than that, I'M HEALED! weehee

i'm also superly excited to go home tomorrow..haha miss home so much..
p/s: falling sick away from home makes you miss home like CRAZY

hmm last night i met up with Jason, Booyeong and AhSum for a lil makan..haha
AhSum AhSum stop calling me Zabbbay or whatever it is! haha so
oh and i managed to give BY a blueblack thanks to my pinching..muahahah
teach you guys not to mess with MUA =P

anyways almost all my class tests are over, except ESL which is on next wednesday...
got back results for chem and maths but shall blog about them later..lazy right now
about to continue my RESIDENT EVIL 3 movie now..


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