Tuesday, April 7, 2009

just keep swimming

haha once again today was a fun-filled day..lol
and once again i'm way too tired to blog in words so as usual, i shall let the pictures do the talking and shall blog another time..HAHA

but before i touch on today, here's the pics of the stuff i bought yesterday from Subang Parade! weee

another nice top which cost like 23 bucks? friggin cheap and friggin nice

beautiful tie-up sandals from VOIR

i know it seems like quite alot i got in just one day, but i have a feeling this is all i can get for now..it's hard to get stuff my size which are actually cheap at the same time. so yeah won't be doing much shopping anymore =)

HAHA AND OK here's today's pictures:

went to the garden area at taylors to finish up our homework, Sarah and I =)
the place is actually really nice and peaceful..plus there's oxygen everywhere..HAHA

went to dinner with HAOYI and SARAH at the lorong mamak..wah the maggi goreng SUPARNICE..hahaa

after makan we went to the taylors cafeteria (which was almost deserted) to finish up our bio HW together..weeeee ended up laughing and joking 90% of the time, however we managed to finish up ALL our homework! woot

touch phone family..HAHA

haha after everything we kept to our plans and decided to go swimming at the apartment pool! whoo it was fun cause it was dark and calm. Apart from some chinese guys and girls who were also there, the pool was mostly ours..hahaa

and HAOYI brought her bubbles as well..haha banana flavoured..YUM

i uploaded most of the photos on FB..here very slow la..haha so yeah

about to do some bio reading now


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