Friday, April 17, 2009

home sweet home

ah i'm back in ipoh everyone!
it feels really good to be home again
didnt realize how much i actually missed ipoh man

anyways i have loads to blog about

firstly i would like to blog about our little study group we had on wed evening by the pool..haha
it was meant to be a swimming evening with sarah, haoyi and jaclyn, but sarah and i decided to finish up our homework instead =) hardworking eh?
so i brought down my mat and we studies right next to the pool..haha
super fun but it did get kinda stuffy,,nevertheless it was fun
plus we got the chance to see haoyi and jaclyn perform in the water..HAHA synchronized swimming they say..HAHA


college MATHS..yawn

after they swam, jaclyn and haoyi went to bathe and came back down with haoyi's guitar and they serenaded for us! haha

haha next on my list is my train ride to ipoh which i had last night
man it was scary wei..i'm never taking the train back to ipoh unless i have someone to come back with..haha

here's what happened
the train was kinda empty and i was assigned to sit next to some old malay man who was talking to i decided to sit somewhere to the back where i could sit alone and put my bags next to me.
after a few stops, one indian guy around the age of say,23 plus?, came and sat in front of me
i didnt care much cause i was listening to my music and looking out the window. after a while the indian guy pushed his seat back a little so there was like a little space in between the seats in front of me. then (scary music) he used his phone(turned off) and used it as a reflection to see me..WAHHH DAMN SCARY MAN.
when i looked at his phone, i could see his eyes looking back at me..i seriously felt like taking out my pepper spray and giving him a taste of it, hopefully he'd go blind. haha but instead i acted like a civilised person and just tried to ignore, but sadly, he was still doing it eventhough he knew that i knew he was looking. i got so freaked out that i took my chem notes out to study, thus covering my face from that bastard. then he kept sitting up straight and looking back-at me and sitting back down..he also did some other gross things with his phone like display some pictures of himself in an angle which i would have been able to see (how disgusting is that right?) and he also played some kind of indian porn on his phone..Y.U.C.K.
plus my phone battery died so i couldnt talk or tell anyone..wahhhh i felt like dying there..but i was thanking GOD for my ipod, hence i could watch The Dark Knight and time passed really fast.
before i knew it i was back home safe and sound!

hahaa =)

anyways i feel so full now..weeheee havent felt this full over food that i didnt have to pay in a long time..haha
but i miss lorong MAGGI GORENG =(
and i miss you too KBING =(

tomorrow i shall be going to Lumut with mommy for the KIDS Teacher's retreat! hahaa shall be bunking in with sandra and kirsten-my-love. K and i are going to be studying since we both have tests on monday..yawn
hopefully i'll be able to study and not just chitchatyat the whole night la..hahaha

yawn time to bury my head in chem and maths..yawn yawn yawn


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