Wednesday, April 15, 2009


well i just got back from studying with kbing and kyan(nope he didnt study,more like sit there and stone himself) at McD..haha fun times fun times
my tummy actually ached laughing at their jokes..LOL

anyways i'd just like to mention how LOUD and CRAZY ppl get over a Manchester United game..haha at McD itself there were so many people sitting in front of the TV up high, mostly wearing red..haha

and when we walked past AC, i could hear really loud cheers from inside..HAHA


one day i must try and watch a football game in the midst of these football fanatics..might just enjoy myself watching THEM, not the match =)

anyways yawn it's late (3am! whoo!) and i'm going home tomorrow!
weeeheee IPOH HERE I COME!


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