Monday, April 6, 2009


ah today was seriously a MEGA FUN day out with my classmates..hahaa and i'm way too tired now to blog in full so i shall update another day, but not to worry, here are the photos!
most of them i uploaded into FB =)

on the way to SUBANG PARADE with the gang


loved the bajus at this place called "Love It" the clothes thre super cheap and nice =) ended up buying a nice top from pics of it later =)

went to Central KL with Sarah to find her tickets back to kedah..haha it was fun man..we were like super dungus on the way back..haha ended up doing lame stuff which i am way to lazy to blog about now..later

super scrumptidelicious home-cooked food sarah and i had at HAO YI's place..haha damn nice wei..havent had that kind of food in a long time..hhaaa

and we bought big apple for haoyi for waiting for us for dinner! hahhaa i ended up eating the most, ALL THANKS TO THE MAHA BULLIES SARAH AND HAOYI..bugger you will get it one day peeps ;p

after makan we went down to the mini-playground just to hang out..haha had fun laughing our asses off..LOL


my fav picture of the night which is also my primary pic on FB now..weee we were sitting by the peaceful pool that time..
oh and we decided to g swimming tomorrow night! weeee excited =)

anyways i got CHEM and MATHS homework to catch up on so tata everyone

p/s: i'm making my blog private very soon


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