Monday, April 27, 2009


*cough cough*

had a bad day today..thanks to *cough cough* my bloody cough..sigh
but it was good in a way that i got to come home and skip classes from 9 till 2pm..i went back *cough cough* to college at 2 for my physics class test which turned out to be ok =)
went home after that to rest abit..then *cough cough* i teman-ed auddiegoh to the post

well i'd like to take this little space in my blog *cough cough* to thank FOO KAI BING for taking the time to drop by my place and give me WOODS COUGH SYRUP and super yummy WANTON SOUP..weeheee *cough cough*

thank you kbing =) i owe you

and thank you to my beloved classmates *cough cough* who texted me asking me how i was aka Sarah, Amy and Kiran =)))

*cough cough*anyways went for dinner with Sarah and we had the McD PORRIDGE

..super nice when it's super hot =) haha *cough cough*
while waiting for Sarah for dinner at the apartment area, i saw this cat and i really wished i was a cat who could sleep all day..MEOW..*cough cough*

after dinner we went to the lib to finish up my ESL report and to
after the lib closed we decided to go to AC*cough cough* for a while to have a drink..haha ended up trying the *cough cough* LOKLOK near our apartment..wah the FISHBALL friggin nice and big somemore =))))

had 6 fishballs tonight..yumyum

*cough cough* time to study abit more before going to bed =)

*cough cough*


*cough cough*

update: just got back from a 7-eleven trip with sarah to buy FISHERMAN'S FRIEND *cough cough* ..haha ended up buying some type of apple juice *cough cough* which we brought to the apartment garden area to just chill and drink up..LOL

*cough cough*


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