Sunday, April 5, 2009


ahhh i'm finally back home in KL..weeheee
there has been a weird tension around the house due to a recent revelation in my family


haha anyways i kinda enjoyed the interview last friday..well it wasn't as scary as i thought it would
and guess interview mate of mine who's a guy and an indian, asked for my number!
i was nice enough to give it to him, but only to receive funny messages from him after the interview like all those weird forwarded friends he asked if he could text me and i was like "erm sorry i dont think i have enough credit"
haha sorry're just so not my type =)


just got back from IKEA with mommy and papa

ain't my daddy just the cutest? haha

i also had a nice family dinner last night with my mom's family
got to catch up with tzewei, the bestest cousin from my mom's side..haha
it's really always fun talking to her cause SHE'S SO FRIGGIN FUNNY!
she and her canto-slang..HAHA

THATS TZE WEI =) love her

yawn i'm so bored..right now i'm trying to finish up my physics homework for tomorrow and playing FB poker at the same time..i know thats bad but i'm just too bored to do physics

blah oh and one last thing
i'm considering making my blog private and only readable through password
i'm too scared to leave it open just in case YOU-KNOW-WHO might come across
so yeah drop in some comments on whether i should make it private k?

terima kasih

oh might be going out with auddie after all


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