Wednesday, April 29, 2009


ah just got back from MURNI at SS2 withkbing,kyan and another friend chilim who drove us to MURNI's.
wahhh the food there superrrrrr nice weh....
kbing had meatballs which were superb..i agree with them when they said it's better than IKEA's Swedish meatballs..haha
i had their Chicken Chop Special..wah super satisfying but so much!couldn't
had a funny experience on the way home too..LOL glad i'm home =)

well there's still a little bit of cough here and there but other than that, I'M HEALED! weehee

i'm also superly excited to go home tomorrow..haha miss home so much..
p/s: falling sick away from home makes you miss home like CRAZY

hmm last night i met up with Jason, Booyeong and AhSum for a lil makan..haha
AhSum AhSum stop calling me Zabbbay or whatever it is! haha so
oh and i managed to give BY a blueblack thanks to my pinching..muahahah
teach you guys not to mess with MUA =P

anyways almost all my class tests are over, except ESL which is on next wednesday...
got back results for chem and maths but shall blog about them later..lazy right now
about to continue my RESIDENT EVIL 3 movie now..


Monday, April 27, 2009


*cough cough*

had a bad day today..thanks to *cough cough* my bloody cough..sigh
but it was good in a way that i got to come home and skip classes from 9 till 2pm..i went back *cough cough* to college at 2 for my physics class test which turned out to be ok =)
went home after that to rest abit..then *cough cough* i teman-ed auddiegoh to the post

well i'd like to take this little space in my blog *cough cough* to thank FOO KAI BING for taking the time to drop by my place and give me WOODS COUGH SYRUP and super yummy WANTON SOUP..weeheee *cough cough*

thank you kbing =) i owe you

and thank you to my beloved classmates *cough cough* who texted me asking me how i was aka Sarah, Amy and Kiran =)))

*cough cough*anyways went for dinner with Sarah and we had the McD PORRIDGE

..super nice when it's super hot =) haha *cough cough*
while waiting for Sarah for dinner at the apartment area, i saw this cat and i really wished i was a cat who could sleep all day..MEOW..*cough cough*

after dinner we went to the lib to finish up my ESL report and to
after the lib closed we decided to go to AC*cough cough* for a while to have a drink..haha ended up trying the *cough cough* LOKLOK near our apartment..wah the FISHBALL friggin nice and big somemore =))))

had 6 fishballs tonight..yumyum

*cough cough* time to study abit more before going to bed =)

*cough cough*


*cough cough*

update: just got back from a 7-eleven trip with sarah to buy FISHERMAN'S FRIEND *cough cough* ..haha ended up buying some type of apple juice *cough cough* which we brought to the apartment garden area to just chill and drink up..LOL

*cough cough*



i am now sick

i bloody HATE it

i want mommy and papa =(

Saturday, April 25, 2009

not-so-bad Saturday

this is gonna be one of the few posts i have without any pictures
this is due to the fact that yesterday was one of the worst Saturdays ever, all thanks to:-

-my weekend without KBING
-someone being 'like that'
-my whacky throat and slight fever in the morning
-my empty purse

sighhhh woke up at 12 and stayed at home till like 8??
haha was too friggin tired and lazy to get out of the house..did get inited to go McD with the others to study but oh wells..LAZY..well i did walk over to Sarah's to get panadol from her..oh and may i say that PANADOL is a true healer..haha 30 minutes after taking it my fever was nowhere to be seen..haha

anyways i finally stepped out of my apartment at around 8 for dinner with Sarah..the guys went to Euphoria last night..the 2 of us ladies did get invited to go too but we were such angels when we declined..HAHA..woohooo went to McD for dinner cause i was superly craving for Spicy Chicken McDeluxe..woohoooooooo
getting all high already
anyways after dinner and our long talk about the male species, we headed to AC for some out-of-the-blue waffle and honeydew which was friggin tasteless..blah
after the waffle, Sarah and I just decided to explore SS15 area..walked as far as DARULSALLAM and back to My Place..came across some interesting boutiques and saluns..haha
went back to my apartment after that for i-also-dont-know-whatbut ended up intoducing her to FB Poker.haha
another out-of-the-blue thing that happened was that we decided to go swimming just like we headed down to the pool and just soaked ourselves in the pool, not getting out hair wet..mind you, we were not properly attired for swimming at 11.45pm..haha shirt and shorts thats
we then just lay down beside the pool with out feet in the water and just looked up into the night sky where there were like maybe 5-6 stars? haha
at around 12.30+ i think we got chased off by the sec.guard..we went to change our shirts and went to AC for a can you imagine to little cili-padis walking into AC with saked shorts? haha luckilly out shorts were dark coloured so it wasnt that
after a glass of warm water and an obnoxiously rude AC waiter, we just sat around in AC waiting for our shorts to dry up was about 1+ and there were tons of people at AC watching the game between ManU and Tottenham i think..haha we watched till ManU lost 2 goals to's really quite interesting to just watch, not the game, but the viewer's reactions to goals made..haha
all the cursing plus clapping around..LOL
anyways after that we went back to our apartments and said our goodbyes =)
went home, bathed and decided to cook maggi cause i was FRIGGIN HUNGRY! prepared everything even the water on the stove when i suddenly saw something black and fat with hairy legs..A FRIGGIN COCKROACH!
i felt like screaming on the spot cause it was just inches away from my hand when i saw took me a long time to actually reach out my hand to turn on the stove, only to find out that there was NO MORE GAS..ujhjef%(&bj^%dhew
ended up going over to Sarah's just to cook maggi with her microwave..HAHA

just a little thank-you note to squeeze in here:

anyways back to last night's story.had a very nice maggi-moment with sarah =) it was 2.30+ that time if i'm not mistaken..we could even hear the cheers from the game at AC from 3 floors high at My Place..haha
after maggi i walked back to my apartment under alot of light, no worries, and played FB poker with played till about 4 when sarah went to bed..
so i played a little more and also visited some online boutiques..found some really nice clothes which i inquired about and should be getting a reply today..weeheee
hit the sheets at exactly 5am..woohoo and seriously speaking, i wasn't sleepy at all..haha must've been all the food and panadol..LOL

anyways after getting up this morning, i discovered that my fever is gone but i'm coughing like CRAZY..haha well at least the worst part is over =)))

another weekend almost gone..yawn..back to classes tomorrow morning at 8am..=(
however, the coming week is gonna be a short one due to the fact that on Tuesday, we have the High SPM Achiever's Award Ceremony from 9-12pm which i am kinda excited about, on Thursday we end classes at 2.30+ and on Friday, well it's Labour Day so no classes! woot
might be going back home..yayayay but still gotta find transport..haha
oh and THANK YOU JACLYN for calling yerterday and offering to buy the ticket =)) TQ

yawn i shall be going to McD or somewhere with aircon to study for physics test tomorrow..YAWN


Friday, April 24, 2009

poker at starbucks

although my head was as heavy as a bowling ball and my throat was being the suckiest thing that ever happened to me, last night was a GREAT night

it started with going out for dinner with classmates aka WAIYIN, DESMOND, SARAH, MATHIAS and DEEPAN. haha went to this "Taiwan" restaurant which turned out to be the second suckiest thing that happened to me last night =)
anyway skipping the boring parts, we headed to STARBUCKS after dinner for some coffee which Mathias owed us..hahah

Mathias and Waiyin were such gentlemens last night when M paid for the Iced Caramel Macchiato whereas Waiyin paid for the Noir and Sheperd's Pie which was seriously damn good..haha

anyways we got a little corner and started playing cards which Desmond and Waiyin went to buy..haha i think we made a little too much noise but who cares? haha

we played Chor Dai Dee and Poker from around 9+ till 1+ =))))

haha the atmosphere at STARBUCKS is really nice with the cushioned sofas and the cold AC plus the smell of coffe everywhere..ahhhhhhhhhh

hahaha it was fun especially when the people you play with are mega fun too..haha

anyways i just got up and ym head is still very heavy but maybe gone down afewKGs di..haha

hungry =(


Thursday, April 23, 2009


just got back from McD with classmates..haha had a superenjoyable time just hanging out with them and trying to study at the same time..LOL

after class we also went pool together, then dinner at this AMAZING noodle shop called FACE TO FACE ...haha the Pan Mee there seriously damn nice..haha

that's WAIYIN on the left and DESMOND on the right =)

and thats DESMOND trying to withdraw money for the 4th time after forgetting his password..LOL
..haha spending time with my classmates is really nice..especially when they're all so funny and

oh and my pool skills have improved! i think..LOL

lastly i'd like to blog about the movie i watched a couple of days ago and it is non other than AUGUST RUSH!!

wah that show is seriously one damn good movie..nothing much to say about it except IT'S A MUST-WATCH!
hahaha plus Freddie Highmore is so freakin adorable in the movie!!


anyways i'm so glad tomorrow, or more like today, is FRIDAY!
the weekend is here again! woooothoooot
classmates and i shall be going for BAK KUT TEH tmr before going to STARBUCKS for more studying..hopefully..LOL

and tmr's gonna be death day during English period..shall blog about it in the next post


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

still waiting

i cant believe i'm still waiting for you

went out with auddie as planned today! weeheee

had alot of fun just catching up with each other =)))

lol i also got to play with her supernice white iPhone baby!

it's like you gotta search for the differences between 2 pics..super fun..haha

went to the lib with her before dinner do do a little
then we went to LORONG for dinner..AGAIN..for my amazing maggi goreng =))))
hahahahaha and AUDDIE thank you so much for helping me with YOU-KNOW-WHO =)

after dinner with her and later joined by Mr. Lucas Lai, i went to McD to finish up my homework!
and i actually managed to finish my maths!
wooo i felt so good after that,knowing my trip to McD was beneficial..HAHA

and so now i'm webcamming with Mathias..HAHA here you go M!

this was done by my lovely classmate AMY =)

hahahah i have such sweet classmates =)

anyways i'm off to continue Marley and Me, and Bride Wars too =)

all thanks to kbing for introducing me to the greatest movie download website ever =)



Tuesday, April 21, 2009


ah i'm so bored!


today we had a fun chem lab
so here's 3 random pics i took in class today =)

anyways i just got back from pyramid with Sarahyong..initially went there to teman sarah to meet up with her JS friends..haha but ended up buying a super nice pair of black shorts from KITSCHEN which actually fit me!
WOOOOHOOO andandand they didnt cost a bomb =)

haha i also bought the ROXY purse/wallet which i have been waiting to buy =)

it's like really simple thats why i love it..however it's really WHITE too so i gotta be careful with it and try to keep it as clean as possible..LOL

haha went for dinner with Mathias well they ate but i had a dessert instead..gotta save money man =) but in the end i had some of M's food cause he left so much behind! lol
went to MR. TEPPANYAKI for makan =)

super cure right the sesame seeds on the rice?!?!

my lovely mango dessert =)

i also french-plaited sarah's hair! weeheee

Mathias was also the gentleman-of-the-month when he paid for dinner...THANK YOU M =) you rock


hahahahaha weeeee i'm so super duper excited!! HAHA i have no idea what we're gonna do but after class we're just gonna hang out till late late la...weeeeheeee plus i'm gonna plsy with her iPhone =) haha cant wait! plus we'll be giggling and screaming away about our AHEMS..haha

P/S: i miss you

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