Friday, March 20, 2009

time out

today was a meaningful day ;-p

went out with AMELIA FOONG..haha had lunch at secret recipe with the all famous tomyam..then we just sat there talking for a long after that we went for the movie Race to Witch Mountain ;-p

i would honestly say that it is a really good the effects and above all, SETH is so hot! haha plus his voice is so man la...playing SETH in the movie is Alexander Ludwig, who also acted in The Dark is Rising which was kind of a lame show ;-p

anyways papa took my lap to his office to have it reformatted so now it's running super fast ;-p
thank you paps!

sigh and now for the stoopidest thing that happened today
after seeing him just once..ok or maybe a few more times today, i completely lost my mind and fel for him..gah what is wrong with me..i am in serious need of a love doctor ;-(

sigh well i'm glad in leaving to KL soon..can forget all this crap and move on..RIGHT!


1 chicken wings:

Anonymous said...

Having problems of the heart deary?

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