Thursday, March 5, 2009

poker face

bathed yogi the other day..i was so bored that i had a whole album created on FB for his and this time, i took like a whole hour to bathe him..and i could definitely tell that he liked i could actually feel him like humming and his eyes were so watery and all..ROFL

i love bathing him cause he loves getting massaged all over ;-P

just look at that face looking at YOU!!awwwww

my baby

all soapy ;-p heeheee so cute!

all clean ;-p

ah check out what my dad got for me for my college studies..haha i was expecting an iPod(which i know is on the way ;-p) instead i got a weapon against perverts!
haha it looks cool..definitely makes me feel jie got one too when she went to kl..according to papa,this one stronger,,haha can't wait to try it out..any volunteers?

man i really can't wait to start college..this hand of mine has not written more than 20 words since school ended..and i miss homework and exercise books etc..gah

anyways tomorrow is MGS sports day..shall be meeting up with the LINs and hopefully go out too..have been stuck at home like a fugitive or something..and it's not nice ;-(


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