Wednesday, March 25, 2009


ah checked the jpa website today as i'm going for the interview next friday, so i shall be going back to EPOH next thursday!

weeheee i miss my bed, yogi, mommy, papa, and all you crazy ipoh people ;-p
haha oh and i think i'll be going back this weekend with kbing to settle jpa

anyways life here's been good..i'm loving the classes and all..made alot of new friends and they're all really nice..
sadly not that many hot guys here yet..hahha dissappointed but i'm here to study right??


anyways i got my student ID yesterday and it really made me feel so...GOOD..haha like really in college and out of Parental Lookout..haha and i'm telling you, the feeling is good ;-p

no offense to me parents, i LOVE you both and THANK YOU for paying for everything :)

tomorrow's gonna be another hectic day..well at least my class tmr only starts at 9am so HURRAY! haha can't wait to go home!


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