Saturday, March 21, 2009


ah the time has finally come..haha time to start me new life in KL!
as exciting as it is, it's still very scary..haha but i'm way overexcited about going.. haha

well now i just wanna thank you amelia for taking me out on saturday ;-p really had a great time with you ;-p

anyways amelia came over today after morning prayer and she vandalized my laptop..haha here's what she did ;-p

haha now it's really fun to type and all but it's kinda hard to see the all my typing has to be based on my memory ;-)lol THANK YOU AMELIA!
oh i owe another thankyou to KIRSTEN, AMELIA, ABEL and KENNETH for coming over just now for a while..haha poor kenneth got so scared by YOGI gonna miss you all! you guys are such great's gonna be imposible to find friends like YOU in KL!

anyways i need a good sleep for all the moving tomorrow ;-p haha

hopefull everything will smooth and easy going tomorrow!

FAREWELL GOOD IPOH FOOD and oh of course, the people too ;-p


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