Sunday, March 22, 2009

day no.1

hello currently trying out the apartment's wireless and it's awesome..super fast..haha

anyways after saying byebye to mommy and papa(SOBSOB) FOOKAIBING came over to teman me! well i did most of my unpacking and my room looks like this!

quite cosy right? my little corner ;-p

after having kbing over for awhile, she brought me over to her house..her room is like my room size but hers is single whereas mine is triple! hahah kinda pathetic right?

Her room is what you call a proper room with a bed, a desk and alot of space for alot more sutff..very nice room,,haha but i LOVE my roommates..they're so nice and the room is really cosy and all..haha
spent the whole afternoon at bing's place, then we met up with shuevoon to go to Carrefour and get some groceries..haha it was fun..

We had our dinner at Domino's, and the pizza there is WAY better than Pizza Hut's pizzas..haha take it from me ;-p

anyways they walked me back to "My Place" and i got cosy with my roommates..and now i'm in the living room onlining with them..haha so far i only feel a LIL BIT homesick..but i'm sure more of it will come tomorrow..haha

anyways i miss you peeps:

and i missed you even more when you called..gah so sweet to hear your sweet voices ;-p

really excited for orientation tomorrow..time to meet new people(aka boys!) hahahahahaa
take care ipoh


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