Sunday, March 1, 2009


ah penang was a good break from ipoh..haha got to enjoy superdelicious enang food aka laksa and charkoayteow of course ;-P haha almost forgot how good authentic laksa tasted

smoking hot laksa baby!

penang brige right there! long time no see ;-P

went to penang for the sole mission of checking out the colleges in which i would go to soon;-p
at first i was supposed to just go to sunway but after the education fair, mommy's considering Taylors, Sunway, HELP and KDU..bahbahbah i just really wanna go to college and into the real world!! weeheeeLOL
anyways we also picked up my cousin from penang.went to Bukit Jambul mall and went DVD shopping!! wooot it's truly amazing how cheap and clear the DVDs are in penang..LOL

bought 6 DVDs which include HSM 3 which i am watching right now, the curious case of benjamin button, hancock, rachel getting married, p.s. i love you and slumdg millionaire ;-P
my life is colourful again with these DVDs i just got..weehee my life is looking kinda colourful now!! ROFL

went to queensbay mall..was surprised at how big it actually and i got my sawtch watch strap changed since it was already in a bad

the sad old straps ;-(
anyways i'm off to watch my movies ;-P

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