Sunday, March 29, 2009

glad to be back


chem was just over and now we have an hour break till 10..yawn
had a bad journey back last night..sigh at least i dont feel like puking anymore..haha

anyways i'm so bored YAWN

some classmates and i are onlining in "The Web" which is super awesome cause it's free and fast..haha


took some pictures of me classmates and shall post them up after classes ;p

p/s: i wanna play pool


Friday, March 27, 2009

back home

yeah so i'm back in ipoh now... being around my parents but..I MISS KL ;-P

cant wait to go back ;-p

pool was addictive man.and i'm so looking forward to playing again! haha


Thursday, March 26, 2009


kaibing's right

you've been dumped to hell
and he's taken your place

sorry cant wait forever


pool ;-p

had my first pool game with kaibing and keiyan today..haha although i played like a complete loser, it was fun..haha keiyan was like a pro man..haha and i was so sluggish..hahabut it was fun as i laughed alot tonight..HAHA

anyways i'm going back to ipoh tomorrow! weheeee
gotta settle some stuff with the JPA interview ;-p

home sweet home awaits me

miss ma baby hubbie ;-p


Wednesday, March 25, 2009


ah checked the jpa website today as i'm going for the interview next friday, so i shall be going back to EPOH next thursday!

weeheee i miss my bed, yogi, mommy, papa, and all you crazy ipoh people ;-p
haha oh and i think i'll be going back this weekend with kbing to settle jpa

anyways life here's been good..i'm loving the classes and all..made alot of new friends and they're all really nice..
sadly not that many hot guys here yet..hahha dissappointed but i'm here to study right??


anyways i got my student ID yesterday and it really made me feel so...GOOD..haha like really in college and out of Parental Lookout..haha and i'm telling you, the feeling is good ;-p

no offense to me parents, i LOVE you both and THANK YOU for paying for everything :)

tomorrow's gonna be another hectic day..well at least my class tmr only starts at 9am so HURRAY! haha can't wait to go home!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

mamak dinner

haha the only interesting that happened today was dinner..haha after classes i walked over to bing's house again..then went out for dinner with her and keiyan..haha
went to some mamak shop which is ihavenoideawhere but it was nice la..haha the jokes from keiyan and bing were friggin funny la..hurt my tummy tonight..and listening to animal cruelty by keiyan was disgusting, gross and inhumane..HAHAHA this are what we talked about :

haha looks insane but yeah..laughed my intestines out tonight ;-p

anyways classes was fun today..the teachers are very nice plus my physics teacher is so HOT! haha tmr's gonna be another long day..boohoo...

lookinf forward to the weekede! weehee


Monday, March 23, 2009

you're the only one i ever liked

sigh looking at the hot guys from KL, and having a long dinner with kaibing has really made me realized that of all the guys I've ever liked, YOU are the only one I've ever really liked..not the usual few-week crushes.more like never-ending iheartyou since the first time i saw you.

emo for you

and i wonder why.
it doesn't really seem reasonable to like someone like YOU..since YOU're..well different..haha
anyways i shall keep my heart open for as long as i can in hopes of seeing YOU again <3

back to reality, today was orientation day at college so everything ended quite early aka 1pm. since everyone was still having classes, Novel(my beloved new friend from Kuantan) and I went for a hearty McD meal which is like one minute's walk from the campus..haha the heat was crazy man..drove us up the

there was really nothing much to do when i got back..everybody else was having classes..oh and i met up with Rachel for a teenie bit on her was to her was so good to see her again ;-p

went over to kaibing's again..really love her place man..can talk freely and all..haha anyways went for dinner at Little Taiwan but the food i had was very Little Stadium Food..haha we spent so long there just laughing about our childhood memories and all the other funny stuff..haha randomness

anyways tomorrow i start my classes! friggin excited i'm telling you..haha hope everything will be fun tomorrow..haha really looking forward to meeting new people and also to start doing HW and all..haha call me crazy ;-p

you're my ketchup


Sunday, March 22, 2009

day no.1

hello currently trying out the apartment's wireless and it's awesome..super fast..haha

anyways after saying byebye to mommy and papa(SOBSOB) FOOKAIBING came over to teman me! well i did most of my unpacking and my room looks like this!

quite cosy right? my little corner ;-p

after having kbing over for awhile, she brought me over to her house..her room is like my room size but hers is single whereas mine is triple! hahah kinda pathetic right?

Her room is what you call a proper room with a bed, a desk and alot of space for alot more sutff..very nice room,,haha but i LOVE my roommates..they're so nice and the room is really cosy and all..haha
spent the whole afternoon at bing's place, then we met up with shuevoon to go to Carrefour and get some groceries..haha it was fun..

We had our dinner at Domino's, and the pizza there is WAY better than Pizza Hut's pizzas..haha take it from me ;-p

anyways they walked me back to "My Place" and i got cosy with my roommates..and now i'm in the living room onlining with them..haha so far i only feel a LIL BIT homesick..but i'm sure more of it will come tomorrow..haha

anyways i miss you peeps:

and i missed you even more when you called..gah so sweet to hear your sweet voices ;-p

really excited for orientation tomorrow..time to meet new people(aka boys!) hahahahahaa
take care ipoh



muahaha i'm finally free in KL! woohooo...haha unpacked almost all my stuff already and now i'm in Kaibing's room in her house..haha her room is as big as my room but hers is single..haha mine is triple..haha sad sad sad..but i'm happy with my roomates and condition of my room so yeah..TAHNNK YOU GOD!

anyways shall be going out with bingbing soon..


Saturday, March 21, 2009


ah the time has finally come..haha time to start me new life in KL!
as exciting as it is, it's still very scary..haha but i'm way overexcited about going.. haha

well now i just wanna thank you amelia for taking me out on saturday ;-p really had a great time with you ;-p

anyways amelia came over today after morning prayer and she vandalized my laptop..haha here's what she did ;-p

haha now it's really fun to type and all but it's kinda hard to see the all my typing has to be based on my memory ;-)lol THANK YOU AMELIA!
oh i owe another thankyou to KIRSTEN, AMELIA, ABEL and KENNETH for coming over just now for a while..haha poor kenneth got so scared by YOGI gonna miss you all! you guys are such great's gonna be imposible to find friends like YOU in KL!

anyways i need a good sleep for all the moving tomorrow ;-p haha

hopefull everything will smooth and easy going tomorrow!

FAREWELL GOOD IPOH FOOD and oh of course, the people too ;-p


Friday, March 20, 2009

time out

today was a meaningful day ;-p

went out with AMELIA FOONG..haha had lunch at secret recipe with the all famous tomyam..then we just sat there talking for a long after that we went for the movie Race to Witch Mountain ;-p

i would honestly say that it is a really good the effects and above all, SETH is so hot! haha plus his voice is so man la...playing SETH in the movie is Alexander Ludwig, who also acted in The Dark is Rising which was kind of a lame show ;-p

anyways papa took my lap to his office to have it reformatted so now it's running super fast ;-p
thank you paps!

sigh and now for the stoopidest thing that happened today
after seeing him just once..ok or maybe a few more times today, i completely lost my mind and fel for him..gah what is wrong with me..i am in serious need of a love doctor ;-(

sigh well i'm glad in leaving to KL soon..can forget all this crap and move on..RIGHT!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

pepper spray

since i have nothing better to blog about, i shalll blog about something really funny that happened last night with my pepper

my dad wanted to try it out before we got to KL so we were in the living room, where mommy was also watching TV..papa aimed the pepper spray at a stack of newspapers and sprayed. Quite alot of pepper came out and when i went neareer to smell the pepper, i could suddenly feel the pepper going through my nose and throat! HAHA i was coughing like mad..had to drink s much water..after a while papa and mommy started coughing as the end, all three of us were coughing for like 10 mins before the effect was gone..haha it was hilarious man

so this is a warning to all baddies out there



anyways i shall be going out with ameliafoong soon, so later peeps ;-p


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

time after time

ahhh it's THURSDAY!!
so fast la..well i'm quite ahead in my packing..almost done already..haha i keep adding unnecessary things into my bags..haha
it's been kinda fun wandering around the house looking for things to bring to KL
but also sad la cause i'll be leaving mommy and papa..sighhhhhh

anyways i'm so bored

i just finished reading TWILIGHT(i know i'm outdated in my reading), lent to me by Paw and i find it so so SO much more exciting and interesting compared to the movie..the only reason i think the movie is good now is all due to Robert Pattinson's role as Edward Cullen..hmmmmm YUMMY ;-P



haha anyways i'm gonna resume packing i guess..YAWN..
jie i wish you were here!


Monday, March 16, 2009

time to pack

yawn shall be leaving on sunday to mighty KL so i'm gonna have to start packing really soon..mommy's making me write all these lists of stuff to but and sigh i also went for my last AF3 meeting was kinda sad and all..

oh and i am going to post some of the farewell pics as promised ;-p



haha anyways i'm having MINDY over now ;-phaha


Saturday, March 14, 2009


went down to KL with parents today to enroll in Taylors University Subang Jaya..haha after enrolling, we were taken around the apartments called "My Place" then to the houses around..super hot man..can get
anyways after alot of calling and phoning up landlords, we got to find a unit at "My Place" with AC, Wi-Fi and cleaning better than the offers given by Taylors itself which has no AC and wi-Fi..
thank you GOD for blessing me so wonderfully ;-p

after all the college stuff had been settled, we headed to Sunway Pyramid to get "the" stuff..
lol and i came home with these beauties!

First, the new 120GB ipod classic

Second, the LG Touchscreen COOKIE phone!

Me two new beautiful gadgets..haha preparation for KL ;-p

JIE it was so nice talking to you today ;-p
wish you were here to send me off to KL..i feel so lonely ;-(

anyways i'll be leaving Epoh next Sunday afternoon..
haha shall be enjoying every minute of little ipoh as much as i can!

mindy's coming over on tuesday i think
whee looking forward to it


Friday, March 13, 2009


okay so after a long discussion and debate (mostly by me) with my dad, i got him to get a touch screen phone and an iPod to replace the

so i'll be getting the new black classic iPod (120GB)

and the LG KP500 cookie phone

my dreams are finally coming true! have wanted to get an iPod since forever ;-p


oh and tonight my beloved CG members got together to celebrate Joseph's and my farewell..haha
had an OK dinner at this cafe called Lavender
then went over to jason's house for sharing and yumcha-ing
shall upload the photos later la..




Thursday, March 12, 2009


a few days ago my dad promised me an iPhone if i got straight As in my SPM..i guess he promised so because we both knew that it was highly impossible..who knew his worst nightmares had come true


anyways i'm really really glad with what i got for SPM ;-p i really NEVER expected to get those was definitely a shock to me and to M..haha glad i made her proud ;-p
and koko and jie's msn were so nice..LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU BOTH DEEPLY!

haha sadly, mommy's not gonna let papa but the i've been Googling other alternatives to that prize....
some of them are

Verizon Wireless XV6900

2. Sidekick 3 -actually i ebay-ed this and there were good offers..and there was like a 50% chance of getting it..sadly not very safe la cause it had no store in Malaysia..bah

3. Black classic iPod which i'll bedazzle..woot

which one? can't decide

anyways today i had a fun outing with evelyn at JJ

had some early lunch at Food & Tea..then went to watch Dragonball Evolution ;-p

the movie was so-so la..haha emmy rossun looked so hot in the movie..entirely differernt than her role in Phantom of the Opera which i had just watched recently..

notice the difference? LOL

haha anyways we bumped into min and jason they all
haha min and D are so funny
heard them go "F**K YOU" to each other like for NO APPARENT REASON?
and i was like "Lord, purify their hearts" LOL
funny people

and we bumped into teng with her mom too..they were holding hands!!how

bumped into adelyn, yiwen and diyan who came back from NS..haha so nice to see him again after such a long time..haha

anyways M&P took me out for nice tomyam dinner tonight with evelyn..haha it was nice..
was so glad i did not bump into 'You-Know-Who' at all..relief

LOL anyways i hope this is not a dream where i'll wake up on the morning of the 12th of March and not get what i got..THANK YOU GOD. AMEN.

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