Sunday, February 8, 2009

goodbye dear friends

Haha haven’t blogged in many things have been going on lately..but firstly, it’s time to say byebye to my two fellow besties, JESSICA and MAYJET..both going to aussie tonight.oh and XingYao too ;-P haha take care you three!!..haha

Haha anyway I will be sitting for my undang test on Tuesday..hopefully I’ll pass if not I’ll be so embarrassed and sad..haha shall be going with Amelia again and maybe..just MAYBE I’ll be able to bump into the Carlsberg-SUB-allblack guy again..haha fingers crossed!! Haha

Hmmmmmm this week is gonna be very sad week for me..JIE’s leaving on Friday..SIGH..i shall try not to think about it till the time comes..SIGH SIGH SIGH…I will now accept anyone interested to replace her duty to me at home..any enquiries please email me..all applications will be considered ;-p

Oh well tonight I have a dinner at Aunty Lynnette’s house to celebrate Cap Goh Meh.wheee means good company and good food!!!!every night’s dinner for the next few days will be totally up to Jie..haha means no caterer’s food for a whole week!MUAHAHAHAHA

And now for some flashback, went out with cousins and jie yeston Sat afternoon..haha I had one of the best time I had in ages..took sticker pictures, had super yummy tomyam, and we went karaoke-ing too!!!for my first time,it was fun..ended up screaming almost all the way..haha I have to say the rooms are very cosy and I love the drinks they make..hahaha

And my last item for today is concerning the political issue going on in my beautiful hometown..sigh for what it’s worth, I support Nizar all the way..i have a lot on my mind which I would like to voice out but for my own safety and freedom,I shall restrain and just save my words for later…

CSI is resuming now so I shall stop..

Till I feel bored,


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