Friday, January 23, 2009

teluk batik trip with super cute boys

ahh the trip to the mighty TELUK BATIK was fun..haha and the best thing was the whole beach was freakin empty..there were literally only us having our picnic on the beach..haha so we kinda like had the whole beach to ourselves..haha which was way cool..

who knew teluk batik could look so nice without the crowds...

almost the whole morning was spent on trying to catch some fish..and by fish i mean smallest-ikans bilis, biggest- one and a half inches long..haha quite pathetic but it was considered a good catch for this trip..haha uncle hock soon was a SUPER PRO in catching the big ones man..haha just like papa..

haha you didn't think we caught those above did you???more like the ones below..haha hopefully you can see AFEW of the fishies we caught..oh and shrimp can see the water crab we caught on the right ;-p

had wonderful lunch at AMU'S

ah the two LEE brothers..rofl so cute right

anyway tomorrow's a free and easy day..gonna lay down some cash and play JINRAMI tomorrow!!!but sadly i don't think that many people know this cekap game ;-)

till i win lots of cash


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