Wednesday, January 21, 2009

tag time

ok got tagged by jie and it's quite an interesting tag so here goes!!!

A Picture of You at the Most Unique Environment

fly fm radio station

A Picture of You at the Place You Dislike

oh i hated the plane flight

A Picture of People Who Mean A lot to You

family first

kirsten and twin towers (guess who's the bridge???;p)


my humphrey MAYJET

mindy sookmun kaiteng..lovelies

if your pic ain't here sorry you'll always be in my heart ;-0

A Picture of You With Your Best Smile (Mouth Opened)

hopefully this is considered open ;p

A Picture of You With Your Best Smile (Mouth Closed)

A Picture of You With The Lamest Pose

falling off

A Picture of Someone Who Stands On Top of Your Heart

okay maybe yogi's not a SOMEONE but he's THE ONE ;-P

A Picture of You With Some Toys or Cute Stuff

so cuteeeee

my two favorite toys PESKY and PESKO

'yeng' toy

A Picture of You in a White Shirt

ok voila i'm done with the tag..haha was fun looking through all my photos..anyway

10 people I tag ( not including the ones who tagged me ok)
1. May Jet
2. Mindy Lim
3. Kai Bing
4. Kylie Chan
5. Sook Mun
6. Kayee
7. Audrey Goh
8. Dsheng
9. JessicaLoh
10. ??????????

ok tag-done

great news my two very cute and adorable cousins from australia are coming today!!! they'll be staying over at our house for a couple of days till CNY and oh i'm telling you they're the cutest little running things you'll ever see!!! haha and they have this aus slang which makes them blooping cute!!!

haha shall post pics of their rosy cheeks later..

oh and my first online shopping item arrived today..too lazy to upload the pics but it's just so cool ;-0 haha

oh and one more thing this fat boy you see below also know as lee tjen jhung is travelling europe now..currently in switzerland..that bugger better buy me some stuff! have fun KOKO

FIN -yawn-

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