Thursday, January 22, 2009

beach day tomorrow!

woohooo i'm going to TELUK BATIK tomorrow with my two cute cousins from australia!!! they arrived today and will be staying with us till sunday..wheetttt..i can't wait to go tomorrow..get to go out of the house for a while instead of just rotting at home..HAHA anyway hopefully tomorrow's weather will be good and we'll be able to catch some fish!!!

here are some pictures of the two cheeky kids

nicholas david lee and matthew michael lee

around 200 hundred plums and nectarines uncle hock soon and auntie sue brought back from their backyard in aussie!!!how cool is that!!!;-p...tried one and it's really good

jie's and matthew's iTouch..he's 11 and he has an OMG

good chocolate from aus..see the second one is creme brulee!!!!!!ooooooooooooooh

anyway nick is EXTREMELY hyper and matt is kind of the shy-er one but they're both so adorable..also because they have this australian slang so it's pretty hard to understand what they're saying..haha but nevertheless super

anyway better catch some beauty sleep for tomorrow's big day..haha

goodnight from nick!


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