Saturday, January 31, 2009


whee i'll be going to listen to the friggin talk on either tuesday or wednesday!!
feel super old and useless not being able to drive..oh and i shall be doing it under Mr. Pedro the almighty..haha
amelia foong foong is joining me too so it won't be so boring..haha can't wait!
really excited to get over the undang and start driving!!!


haha hopefully i will be able to drive this baby soon ;-p


Thursday, January 29, 2009


just a short post about my sweetie pie : WONG SOOK MUN

love you munny with al my heart

p/s:you'll always be my china doll!!!! ;-p


body ache

ah today has been a tiring day..went to play tennis with cousins Serene and they're so fun to be with..serene the bimbo and daniel the sissy...and they're really good at tennis..haha well better than my sis or myself la..haha played for 2 whole hours..improved a i also realized that tennis is super fun..haha lame revolution..anyways went to stadium for a drink after, then had lunch with uncle fook on..after that we decided the day was still young so we went to JJ to play bowling..haha it was fun cause we hadn't played for we had to wear the clown shoes which were super the end SISSY won ;-p

yogi bimbo sissy coolio (deb serene dan jie)

came home slept like a koalabear..super tired plus i have a blister waiting to explode..haha

tomorrow we shall be going to play badminton at DBI..yawn thinking about it is already making me tired but it's gonna be fun i guess ;-p

oh and before i end this entry, i have 2 announcements

1. My deepest condolences to the Chong Family.

2. The hottest guy in Ipoh has left Malaysia...i feel a chill in this small town..sighhhhhssss


Sunday, January 25, 2009

happy cny


here are some happy pictures ;-p




serene showing off..haha no la just kidding serene don't kill me!

my bimbo cousin SERENE CHAN WEI CHING

daniel being gay

matty loes curry ;-p


ah bugger lost 9 bucks in jinrami..anyway back to happy pictures...


original monopoly

okay done..going to mom's family's reunion tonight..mommy's family is more...wild...during CNY with all the fireworks and such so it's gonna be a blast!!!



Friday, January 23, 2009

teluk batik trip with super cute boys

ahh the trip to the mighty TELUK BATIK was fun..haha and the best thing was the whole beach was freakin empty..there were literally only us having our picnic on the beach..haha so we kinda like had the whole beach to ourselves..haha which was way cool..

who knew teluk batik could look so nice without the crowds...

almost the whole morning was spent on trying to catch some fish..and by fish i mean smallest-ikans bilis, biggest- one and a half inches long..haha quite pathetic but it was considered a good catch for this trip..haha uncle hock soon was a SUPER PRO in catching the big ones man..haha just like papa..

haha you didn't think we caught those above did you???more like the ones below..haha hopefully you can see AFEW of the fishies we caught..oh and shrimp can see the water crab we caught on the right ;-p

had wonderful lunch at AMU'S

ah the two LEE brothers..rofl so cute right

anyway tomorrow's a free and easy day..gonna lay down some cash and play JINRAMI tomorrow!!!but sadly i don't think that many people know this cekap game ;-)

till i win lots of cash


Thursday, January 22, 2009

beach day tomorrow!

woohooo i'm going to TELUK BATIK tomorrow with my two cute cousins from australia!!! they arrived today and will be staying with us till sunday..wheetttt..i can't wait to go tomorrow..get to go out of the house for a while instead of just rotting at home..HAHA anyway hopefully tomorrow's weather will be good and we'll be able to catch some fish!!!

here are some pictures of the two cheeky kids

nicholas david lee and matthew michael lee

around 200 hundred plums and nectarines uncle hock soon and auntie sue brought back from their backyard in aussie!!!how cool is that!!!;-p...tried one and it's really good

jie's and matthew's iTouch..he's 11 and he has an OMG

good chocolate from aus..see the second one is creme brulee!!!!!!ooooooooooooooh

anyway nick is EXTREMELY hyper and matt is kind of the shy-er one but they're both so adorable..also because they have this australian slang so it's pretty hard to understand what they're saying..haha but nevertheless super

anyway better catch some beauty sleep for tomorrow's big day..haha

goodnight from nick!


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

okay i saw this on mayjet blog and it looks really fun so i'm just gonna try a bit ;)

Pick 15 of your favorite movies.
- Go to IMDB and find a quote from each movie.
- Post them here for everyone to guess.
- Strike it out when someone guesses correctly.
- DON'T CHEAT! (You can cheat all you want, but I think it's more fun to guess!)

Yeah. Um... I had an adrenaline rush. It's very common. You can Google it. twilight- dsheng

2. I didn't start it, it wasn't my fault, and if this were America, I would sue.wild child- dsheng

3.A: You're all quite short, aren't you?
B: Well yeah, we're children.
A: Well that's no excuse. I was never as short as you.
C: You were once.
A: Was not. Know why? Because I distinctly remember putting a hat on top of my head. Look at your short little arms. You could never reach.
charlie and the choc factory- mindylim

4. A: Have I left anything out?
B: Only the fact that every moment spent with you becomes the new greatest moment of my life.
bolt - kaibing

5. What did you expect? Pumpkin juice??? harry potter- mindylim

6. A: Come to Daddy.
B: [after she bashes him with a teapot and headbutts him] Who's your Daddy now?
mr. and mrs. smith - saraleong

7. I can't marry Ryan. Eww.freaky friday- mayjet

8. Good relations with the Wookies, I have. star wars - saraleong

9. Did he just say "Grand Central Station," or "My aunt's constipation" madagascar - kbing

10. Who needs Raymond? I found two new men to love... Their names are Ben and Jerry! aquamarine - saraleong

11. This... is... spooky.bedtime stories- mayjet

12. A: They're bringing us in.
B: When the hell was you gonna tell me?
A: Oops.
B: We're gonna have to work on our communication.
independance day - saraleong

13. Stop blowing holes in my ship! POTC - saraleong

14. OK, you can wipe the doe-eyed-Bambi-watching-her-mother-get-shot-and-strapped-to-the-back-of-a-van look from your face. 13 going on 30 - saraleong

15. No sacrifice, no victory. transformers - saraleong

haha so yeah if you can guess the lines are from which movie, then type it in my CB or something la..super fun ;)

this game has ended due to every question being solved..shall post another one soon..harder one ;) congrats all who have guessed correctly!!!you are in Debbie's hall of fame!!!LOL

tag time

ok got tagged by jie and it's quite an interesting tag so here goes!!!

A Picture of You at the Most Unique Environment

fly fm radio station

A Picture of You at the Place You Dislike

oh i hated the plane flight

A Picture of People Who Mean A lot to You

family first

kirsten and twin towers (guess who's the bridge???;p)


my humphrey MAYJET

mindy sookmun kaiteng..lovelies

if your pic ain't here sorry you'll always be in my heart ;-0

A Picture of You With Your Best Smile (Mouth Opened)

hopefully this is considered open ;p

A Picture of You With Your Best Smile (Mouth Closed)

A Picture of You With The Lamest Pose

falling off

A Picture of Someone Who Stands On Top of Your Heart

okay maybe yogi's not a SOMEONE but he's THE ONE ;-P

A Picture of You With Some Toys or Cute Stuff

so cuteeeee

my two favorite toys PESKY and PESKO

'yeng' toy

A Picture of You in a White Shirt

ok voila i'm done with the tag..haha was fun looking through all my photos..anyway

10 people I tag ( not including the ones who tagged me ok)
1. May Jet
2. Mindy Lim
3. Kai Bing
4. Kylie Chan
5. Sook Mun
6. Kayee
7. Audrey Goh
8. Dsheng
9. JessicaLoh
10. ??????????

ok tag-done

great news my two very cute and adorable cousins from australia are coming today!!! they'll be staying over at our house for a couple of days till CNY and oh i'm telling you they're the cutest little running things you'll ever see!!! haha and they have this aus slang which makes them blooping cute!!!

haha shall post pics of their rosy cheeks later..

oh and my first online shopping item arrived today..too lazy to upload the pics but it's just so cool ;-0 haha

oh and one more thing this fat boy you see below also know as lee tjen jhung is travelling europe now..currently in switzerland..that bugger better buy me some stuff! have fun KOKO

FIN -yawn-
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